Hello! We are your hosts, Caitlin and Rachel Treasure. We are two Brisbane-based millennials (and sisters) who are asking the need-to-know finance and life questions (possibly referred to as the ‘dumb questions’).

As young professionals, we know that there is more to building sustainable wealth and a thriving future than just a primary source of income. We know that we need to have diversified investments, make the most of our tax exemptions, determine the best time to buy property, know how the share market works and manage our super effectively. What we also know however is that these topics can be confusing, overwhelming and quite frankly difficult to find trustworthy, straightforward information on.

At Talking Cents we provide 20-minute ‘bite-size’ episodes on these topics. We hope you can join us on our journey from office to office as we chat to industry experts and find out exactly what we need to know to get ahead.

It's a platform to learn a little about a lot.

And it all makes cents.